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Tech Support

On Site Computer Repair and Support:

Tech Ninjas offers on site computer  support, diagnostics and computer repair in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Our Computer Repair service areas include Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Carefree, Cave Creek, and more.   Our Computer Repair service area  has just expanded to include all of Southwestern Colorado as well as the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Our Ninjas cover just about everywhere in the Phoenix area and abroad. For the $100 Service Call, we will send a Ninja over to your home or business for up to 2 hours on site computer services. Most computer troubles and problems can be solved within the two hours. Each additional hour over the 2 included is billed at a rate of $50 an hour.

Phone Support with Remote Desktop:

Tech Ninjas now offers phone support with remote desktop assistance to save you valuable time and money. With our innovative Remote Access software, we can login to your internet connected PC while talking to you on the phone and fix your computer problems immediately! Get your problem solved ASAP with no scheduling or waiting. Contact us today for immediate service!


Need help with Networking Computers? Tech Ninjas can help! Whether it is WIFI or wired, we are prepared to get your network enabled devices up and running. We can install CAT5 / CAT6 Ethernet drops. Wire Fishing is no problem for us. Tech Ninjas also provides Network Security Help and Consulting.

Wireless Networking (WIFI):

Is your WIFI Secured? Are you using a minimum of WPA encryption and MAC filtering? If not, you could be sharing your internet and private computer files with your entire neighborhood!  If you are using the older now hackable WEP Encryption then you may as well not be using any at all.   All it takes is 5-10 minutes to crack a 128bit WEP key.  If you have any question about WIFI network security, please contact Tech Ninjas to make sure you are protected!

Wireless Repeaters and Bridges are available.  Boost your WIFI signal to the legal limits.  Share your internet connection miles down the road with standard 802.11 equipment. (line of sight required  for long dinstances) Tech Ninjas has the know how and skills to make any wireless network big or small a reality.

Wired Networking:

Don't like Wireless for your network infrastructure? Does wiring your building seem impossible? No problem. Tech Ninjas is capable of running communications cable no matter where you are. We fish wire through walls, attics, drop ceilings, dig trenches, whatever it takes to get your business "wired". Please contact Tech Ninjas for a free estimate on your infrastructure needs.

Web Presence

Need Web Site or Email Hosting? There is no better place to start! Tech Ninjas has been helping everyone from large corporations to individuals make their Web Presence for years and has the valuable experience to get your web site and email going in as little time as possible. Tech Ninjas currently offers the following Web Presence Services.

  • Web Site Design
  • Graphics and Logo Design
  • DNS Hosting
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Integration of Ebay API
  • Integration of Paypal API
  • Integration of Google Checkout
  • CGI Perl Coder in Phoenix, AZ
  • Open Source Solutions
  • E Commerce Solutions (shopping carts)
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video and TV Commercial Development

Contact Us today and find out what the Ninjas can do for you!


Welcome Visitor in Fairfield, Connecticut! Tech Ninjas United States Welcomes you to our site. Tech Ninjas is a nation wide and global IT company providing remote computer support to businesses in the USA and Canada. Tech Ninjas can also provide you with Stable Cpanel Web and Email Hosting as well as full service support. Tech Ninjas takes the hassle out of transferring your domain from another web hosting company by walking your through the entire transfer process for FREE. Call us today for all your technical needs from Computer Support to Network Installation to Web and Email Hosting.

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