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Why should you choose Tech Ninjas?

1) Geographically Distributed Private DNS:

Tech Ninjas devotes itself to having a stable and reliable hosting environment for its customers. One of the most important and frequently overlooked parts of a hosting environment is redundant and geographically distributed Domain Name Services (DNS). Not only do we have geographically distributed DNS, but they are on our own private dedicated servers as well. We offer this feature free to all our hosting customers which ensures a speedy resolution of your domain names and a quick load time of your site and services for everyone.

Tech Ninjas currently has the following Private Domain Name Servers for Client Usage: Houston Texas - (Server Hosted with The Planet) Houston, Texas - (Server Hosted with The Planet) Miami, FL - (Server Hosted with Peer1) Miami, FL - (Server Hosted with Peer1) Phoenix, AZ - (Server Hosted with Cox

All Tech Ninjas DNS sites are actual MIRRORS and not just slave servers. This is very important in DNS redundancy. Please inquire for more information.

2) Unparalleled Reliability:

At Tech Ninjas, we understand the importance of reliability and uptime for your business website and email. We proudly offer our bold guarantee of 99.9% uptime for your website and email services. Please inquire for more information.

3) Superior Backups:

Tech Ninjas understands your needs as a business to ensure your data is safe from any single point of failure or act of nature. Therefore, Daily / Weekly AND Monthly Backup Retentions of ALL data are sent off site to multiple geographically distributed locations. This backup service is offered FREE to all of our business class hosting clients. Please inquire for more information.

4) The Network:

All Tech Ninjas Web and Content Servers are powered by 100mb or better network connectivity with redundant service providers. This, combined with our geographically distributed DNS, allows us to deliver your content and services lightning fast. Please inquire for more information.

5) Custom Solutions Available:

In the event that our standard 99.9% uptime is not good enough for you, Tech Ninjas also offers Web Site and Email Redundancy solutions. These highly specialized plans offer a 100.00% uptime guarantee and require the customer to be on a Service and or Maintenance Plan. Please inquire for more information.

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